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Our Vision

Ivy League Before & After School Sports & Recreation Program

Ivy League is one of the largest before and after school program in Illinois and it has been in business for over 16 years. The program and staff are dedicated and caring professionals who treat the kids and staff like family. Ivy League builds morals, values and character and gives special attention to each child. The Before and After School and Summer Camp programs include fitness and recreation, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education, arts & crafts and homework help.

The Ivy League is a leader in community programs for children and youth K-8th grade. We strive to be the best, the most innovative and cutting edge in the areas we serve.



“It is important that let you know that my boys and I are tremendously pleased with the care that my boys receive from the after school program at McAuliffe school. Miss Carmen and Mr. David are both extremely friendly, fun, creative and caring. I could go on and on! As a working parent, this makes life so much easier to see my children happy. Both care takers are always smiling and thoughtful. When I hear them talk, it is always about the kids. They show care and love for all of the kids there. I know that there are many more that contribute to this organization but when I get to Ivy League at 6:30 am, they are the first smiling faces I see which sets the rest of my day in a positive light. Their efforts must be recognized.”

“Great staff, and life saving hours...our 8 year old loves it!”

“So lucky to have this program available for the parents that have to work and need care for their children!!! My son loves it and actually wants to be picked up later so he can play. It's ok seeing that they make sure homework is done first before he can go to the gym!!! Love this program!!!”

“My son is currently with the Ivy League afterschool program. We absolutely love it!! Not only do they focus highly on education, but they incorporate fun activities that involve learning as well. My son never wants to go home when I pick him up. That's a good sign he loves it in my eyes. The girls that run this program are all great and very friendly and the kids seem to love them both. The communication is strong on both ends and I think that is very important especially for working parents. Overall, I would highly recommend Ivy League to anyone I know. I feel great knowing my son is in good hands and well taken care of until he is picked up.”

“My Daughter is currently with the Ivy League after school program at Kruse School. Ms. Ryan is amazing along with her staff. Always welcoming and have great activities to keep all the children busy and having fun at the same time. We are very grateful for their hard work. Their dedication and passion truly shows.”

“My daughter really enjoyed the STEM lab. I hope to see it again next year and other activities like it.”

“My Daughter is currently with the Ivy League after school program at Bannes school. Mr. Klein and Ms Karen are awesome. Love this program.”

“My girls love this summer camp!! So many fun and educational experiences! The before and after school program at Kruse is excellent. Ms. Ryan is awesome! So glad we found this program!”

“Mrs. Susan and Miss Tayla are the best! So thoughtful and patient with the kids. And my kids love the activities provided. They learn while having fun.”

“My son went to Ivy League at McAuliffe the staff was awesome! They planned so many fun activities for these kids and went above and beyond for my son. When I would pick him up he didn't want to leave cause he was having a great time All of them work as a team and each of them cares for all of these kids like they are their own what more could a mom ask for.”

“Ivy League is an exceptional program. I am so happy that we were able to take advantage of the assistance for many years now. We look forward to our future with the programs and staff. Have a lovely summer and may God Bless the Ivy League Program and all of the Staff.”

“Both my husband and I and our children adore all of the staff at before and after. They are like friends of our family now.”

“Ms. Carmen was and is AMAZING!!! My kids loved her, her leadership and her creative activities. She made their transition from another facility a great one. My kids will return next year if she is there for sure!”

“Mr. Wes and Miss Taylor are particularly commendable!”

“Miss. Ariana is a very nice. My kids love the program!”

Mission Statement

The Ivy League Before and After School Program offers quality programming that focuses on fitness recreation and academic enrichment in a healthy, safe environment to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. We are committed to providing a fun-filled, rewarding program that supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of school-age children and their families to the fullest potential in order to improve their quality of life.

For parents, our goal is to provide as much parental convenience as possible. It is our desire that when the workday is finished, a parent’s evening focuses on nurturing their family.

To achieve this mission, the program, through effective board and staff leadership, will provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment based on good morals, ethics and values for the programming and education of children with respect for diverse family cultures.


Parents are the first teachers in their child’s life. Families deserve safe, pleasant, and dependable programming as adults pursue necessary responsibilities. Each child is a unique individual and deserves to be treated as such. Trust, love, and respect are the first stages of building strong self-esteem. As they grow, children have a desire and an increasing ability to develop self-control and get along with others. We as staff are important role models to parents and children.


  • To provide a welcoming and safe atmosphere where children can think, grow, learn and create.
  • To ensure teacher/child interactions are based on knowledge about developmental stages and respect for individual children’s learning style, creativity, and abilities.
  • To provide a carefully planned schedule and curriculum that supports minds-on and hands-on activities for maximum learning by each child.
  • To honor each child by providing a peaceful atmosphere that encourages the development of positive sense of self, as a person worthy of love and respect, and where empathy and collaborative efforts are taught and modeled.
  • To provide an atmosphere where staff work together in unity and find fulfillment in their work as a role model.
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