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Little Dribblers

Little Dribblers Basketball


Winter Youth Basketball Registration is Now Open!

CoEd League K-1st

All Boys 2nd-3rd

All Girls 2nd-3rd

  • K-1st (27” junior size basketballs and 8’ goal height)
  • 2nd-3rd Grade (28 1/2” intermediate size basketballs and 9’ rims)


  • $75 until Dec 1st
  • $85 until Jan 11th
  • $95 until Jan 20th

Little Dribblers BasketballLittle Dribblers Basketball

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“Our coaches were great and provided a good learning experience of the game.”

“Great experience! My daughter loved it!”

“This was a great year. Everyone did an awesome job from Christina to Carmen to the two brother refs and Diana. I want to thank you guys for such a great job. Everyone was so nice and worked so hard to make it a great experience. The refs did a good job as well. The two brothers and Diana were excellent. We won by one point and I was into every play and call at the end. Thanks again for everything.”

“We had a lot of fun.”

Little Dribblers Game Schedule

Little Dribblers Survey

View and Download the Little Dribblers Registration Packet. You can complete the pdf form on your screen before printing the form.

Download the Little Dribblers Rules

Basketball allows both boys and girls to start with a simple game that is fun to play and advance as far as they want to take it. The sport helps children stay fit, learn the definition of teamwork, grow confidence and become more assertive. Best of all Basketball is fun!

This league is perfect for the first time player looking to get started in sports or the experienced player looking to refine their skills. Players will learn dribbling, passing, shooting and game play through one practice each in the evenings and games on Saturdays.

Why Little Dribblers?

Fitness made Fun

Little Dribblers enjoy the benefits of a great workout that uses all their muscle groups. Dribbling, shooting and passing are great ways to improve a child’s coordination, fine motor skills, speed and agility.


Basketball is the perfect sport to teach a child the importance of teamwork. Each of the players must rely on their team to accomplish their goal. Friendship and trust is also built on the court.

Confidence is Built on the Court

As with many sports, basketball helps children gain confidence as they learn and master new skills. Because practice is fun and improvement can be seen almost immediately, youth find that hard work pays with results. With each dribble, pass and basket, a child’s perception of their abilities improves. With a stronger self-esteem, a child is prepared to face the challenges of life. They learn that disappointments can be overcome with hard work and come through with flying colors.

The Basketball Season is Year Round

Basketball season is typically during the fall and winter so it provides an excellent opportunity for children to stay active during the colder months. However, a great advantage of basketball is that it can easily be played all year round. Most families have a basketball court or hoop at their local park or school, if not at their neighbor’s house. Informal games of basketball, or one-on-one can be organized in minutes and provide kids hours of great physical activity any time of year. In fact, you don’t even need others to play basketball, just take your ball to the nearest court and practice shooting free throws. Basketball is also one of the many sports incorporated at The Ivy League Before and After School Program.

Little Dribblers Basketball

Little Dribblers Basketball

Little Dribblers Basketball